Hair Style

Hair coloring Techniques

Hair color is the best way by means of which you can change your looks overnight. It is however, important for you to figure out the best type of hair color and techniques in order to get the desired look. Your hair color speaks volumes about your personality and who you wish to be associated with. There are hundreds of hair colors you can pick and choose from depending upon your skin tone, hair type and color of eyes.

There are various hair coloring techniques that can be used to color your tresses. You can go in for a uniform color or highlights to spice up your tresses. You can also go in for streaking your hair in vibrant tones of red, orange, green, hot pink etc.

Hair Coloring Techniques:

Highlights: This is probably one of the first advancements in the area of hair coloring that is used to brighten up dull looking tresses and adds sheer gloss to your look. Highlights look amazing in warm tones of copper, honey, gold, orange, pink and scarlet. They can be created with permanent, semi-permanent or temporary color depending upon the time period for which you want them to last.

Twilighting: This hair coloring technique is supposed to accentuate lighter hair color with a subtle change. Twilights are used to mellow down extremely bright shades by adding a few darker tones.

Lowlights: This is used to add depth to the hair color. Lowlights add a darker tone and soften the look of over brightened hair. They also add element to dull looking hair. Up to three colors and be used to create the desired effect by coloring few strands of hair jutting through a weave cap. You can also use foiling chunks to dress up your tresses.

Veiling: This technique is used to brighten up the dull looking hair by applying semi-permanent color. It not only imparts a rich color tone but also gives a healthy shine to your hair.

Chunking: This technique makes use of large sections of hair and deposits new color on them. It gives a dramatic look to your tresses and can be done with vibrant colors such as red, pink, neon colors, turquoise, green, yellow etc. 

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