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Best Summer Dresses 2019

Summer Dresses

As the Mercury steadily inches its way up higher than a pair of daisy Duke shorts its time to again start thinking about what to wear in the scorching Aussie sun.

Remaining popular as hem and waist lines alter, the summer dress is timeless. The more effortless and comfortable it appears the more sensual the results. A foundation of fashion throughout the ages, strikingly feminine, loosely falling into the contours of the body while smoothing out the rougher edges

Revealing or coveting, the lines flow to accentuate the legs or loosely plunge for cleavage. Hovering around the knees floral type patterns, light earth or bold colours and shades of grey have dominated the dye barrels defining the look for decades

Announcing a casual attitude that can readily change to cool formal, the right dress can communicate as an extension of body language.

Strip away a couple of inches to convert to a mini length and a whole different set of signals are sent out. Still more class than a denim mini or hysterectomy shorts, the dress versus skirt debate is defined in this arena.

White summer dresses are the equivalent of black formal wear, a virtually sure thing. It may get dirty easily but when those UV and ultra violet rays are bouncing off the wearer like bullets on superman nothing can compete.

Lazy Sunday attire for some, others try to evolve with the latest changes and this season it seems the 80’s continue to influence designers as the pull string style returns. So close after the failed resurgence of the balloon skirt over the last few years this unflattering cut may just be too snug and comfortable for some to resist. Personally I would label it the Ug boot of dress chic.

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